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Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Decorations and Supplies
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Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Decoration Theme

Our Wonderful “Wild Safari Blue” Baby shower theme is the perfect choice when you’re expecting a little boy. Jungle and safari themes are so popular now, and “Wild Safari Blue” is brand new and ready to welcome your little adventurer in style! This theme combines modern color choices in Bermuda Blue and Brown, and features giraffes along side great animal prints.

Check out our wonderful assortment of coordinating Wild Safari Blue Personalized Favors! They feature the wonderful Giraffe design and animal skin pattern, with brown accents. We've thought of everything you need for the perfect Wild Safari Blue baby shower.

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Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Invitation
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Thank You Note
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Address Labels
Wild Safari Blue Invites 25-ct
Wild Safari Blue Invitations
Wild Safari Blue Thank You Cards
Wild Safari Blue Dessert Plates
Wild Safari Blue Dinner Plates
Wild Safari Blue Drink Napkins
Wild Safari Blue Lunch Napkins
Wild Safari Blue 9 oz Cups
Wild Safari Blue Tablecover
Wild Safari Blue Centerpiece
Bermuda Blue Assorted Plastic Cutlery 24 Count
Brown Assorted Plastic Cutlery 24 Count
Bermuda Blue Party Tableware
Chocolate Brown Party Tableware
Paper Straws
Wild Safari Blue Confetti
Wild Safari Blue Foil Balloon
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Banner
Wild Safari Blue Giant Party Banner
Wild Safari Blue Yard Sign
Wild Safari Blue Hanging Cutouts
Wild Safari Blue Bingo Game
Wild Safari Blue Favor Bags
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Favor Bags
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Sticker Large
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Lollipops
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Candy Jars
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Mint Tins
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Candy Tubes
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Button
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Candles
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Magnet
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Keychain
Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower Custom Bubbles
Bermuda Blue Crepe Streamer
Brown Crepe Streamer
Fisher Price Baby Giraffe Plush
Zebra Animal Print 18" Foil Balloon Blue and White
Zebra Animal Print 18" Foil Balloon Black and White
Black Zebra Stripe Curl Ribbon
48" White Baby Giraffe Shaped Balloon
32" Jolly Giraffe Head Shaped Balloon
Zebra Stripe Black & White Latex Balloons 8 ct.
Blue Safari Diaper Cake
Zebra Pattern Picture Frame Favors
Aqua Blue Zebra Pattern Picture Frame Favors
Giraffe Bib Keepsake with Green and Blue Ruffles
Natalie Giraffe Socks with Ruffles
Brown & Blue Gift Box Candle Favor
Noah's Ark Candles
Blue Fillable Baby Bottle Favor Containers
Cheetah Design Compact Mirror Favors
Buttermints Baby Boy
Buttermints Zebra Stripes
Zebra Stripe Black & White Scented Candle Favors
Zebra Stripe Black & White Mint Tin Favors
Jordan Almonds - Blue - 9 oz
It’s A Boy Bubble Gum Cigars 36 ct Box
White Cupid Hearts
Blue and White Cupid Hearts
It’s a Boy Lollipops
Oh Baby Pacifier Candies - Blue
"Its a Boy" Beads of Expression
Let us help you plan and host a perfect Wild Safari Blue baby shower.

Ideas for a Wild Safari Blue Baby Shower with Decorations, Supplies, and Party Favors

Our professional baby shower designers have come up with some wonderful blue safari decoration ideas:
  • Add solid colored party supplies to your decorations for a more custom look and feel. The solid colors make the bright colors of the Blue Wild Safari patterned supplies "pop", and makes them stand out. Plus, you’ll find everything you need to fill out your decor without breaking the bank (and our party professionals have taken all the guess work out of color matching for you!)
  • Because the mommy-to-be can't drink any alcohol, make virgin daiquiris at your party, as well as "preggnatinis" (martinis without the alcohol). Everyone will go wild for these beverages - this will allow everyone to feel like they're celebrating with adult spirits, without leaving the new mommy feeling like she can't participate. There are a variety of blue drink ingredients (including blue kool-aid, blue lemonade, & blueberry juice).
  • Coffee, tea, punch, and soda are all great baby shower beverages. Make sure to have cream, sugar and both the pink and blue sweeteners for the coffee drinkers. You can always heat a pot of tea, put hot water and an assortment of tea bags is also a nice touch that will be appreciated by discerning tea drinkers. There is even an African tea called "Safari Tea" which would be perfect to choose. There are also varieties of "Blue Teas" which can tie into the theme.
  • If you're serving soda, make sure to have regular and diet choices. As far as the punch, there are so many recipes to choose from! You can always go with the traditional fruit punch, or serve blue lemonade, raspberry-lemonade, or mint juleps.
  • As far as food choices, fruit is an easy option and everyone enjoys it as an appetizer, with the meal, or even with dessert. Buy and cut up your favorite fruits into squares, or you can buy fruit salad from your local grocery store to save you some work. Served various options cubed and in a large bowl, or mix fruits on skewers and serve on a platter.
  • Take inspiration from the giraffe animal skin pattern in the Wild Safari tableware. Find animal skin fabric at the fabric store and make a chair slip cover for the guest of honor to sit in during the festivities.
  • Create personalized Wild Safari Blue favors for the guests to take home. We especially like the candy jars that can be filled with blue and white candies. We also have a great selection of safari animal inspired favors.
Make the games at your baby shower enjoyable and they can be one of the most memorable pre-birth experiences the expectant mother can be left with. Part of making the experience successful is with thoughtful party planning and playing baby shower games that are above! Before starting the baby shower games it is always good to begin with an ice-breaker. Since some of your guests will be meeting each other for the first time, go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves and how they know the Mother-To-Be. Play our fun Mommy to be tummy tape game; have each woman pull the tape to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the Mother-To-Be's center of her pregnant tummy. After everyone cuts their tape, have them wrap their tapes around the Mommy-To-Be's actual tummy. Award a prize to the guest who is the closest! This is a perennial baby shower favorite! There are also baby shower gift bingo games, word games, baby name games, etc. Don't be afraid to get a little wild - get creative, and have some fun!

We get lots of requests for advice on gifts to give the expectant mother at the celebration. While we have some funny gag gifts perfect for a baby shower, we also recommend folks consider our Wild Safari Blue themed diaper cake - it can be a wonderful centerpiece for a buffet table or gift table, plus a thoughtful gift for the mom. It features the blue giraffe that is front and center in this theme, and it gives her a supply of diapers for her new wild one.

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